The state gets less and less money from games

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The crisis has no connection in place with the fact that the state draws less and less money from the games of virtual casinos. The ‘problem’ is another: the players win more and more and therefore, even if the spending in gaming is growing, the Italian state loses more and more money …

The decrease results in almost 7% less for the year 2012 – the months of November and December have not been included in the calculations – and currently the state coffers are ‘saved’ with the slots of bars, lottery and instant lotteries. We certainly can not rely on online casinos, as we said, spending is greater, since when the slots, but the prizes are taken a lot. Since we are there if you want to win at the progressive jackpot slots you do not have to do one thing: play the maximum number of coins, even of small denomination. If you see that today is not your lucky day, come back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it may be soon. The one who risks, from time to time, wins and is not immediately demoralized. Play with responsibility, never exaggerate!

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