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The history of keno , before arriving in real and online casinos, modern, of our days, is very long. The game has Asian origins, in the China of the Han dynasty, and according to many, it is very similar to the game that nowadays we call with the name ‘bingo’. From the yellow continent he arrived in America after 1800, with the Chinese emigrants who could not give up their favorite pastime. The purpose is to guess 20 numbers out of 80, shown on a card. Very interesting, unlike other games, is that you win something even if you do not guess any number.

Such a game that has a thousand-year history and roots so far from Europe could not but arouse the interest of Italian players. Many of them love it and bet money only on this game, leaving out the roulette or the slots. However, we must stress the fact that keno is very bad, there is no game in the casino so the advantage of the house is not greater than this. In fact, it speaks of a percentage higher than 30% which puts the bettor in terrible disadvantage. Therefore to guarantee at least 70% the casino member must know the rules, probabilities and payments of the keno.

Many people play there because there is no need for complicated strategies. All you do is buy a coupon and choose the numbers we want to bet on. The more we guess and the more we are paid, but be careful, it is not convenient to select too many numbers. They suggest playing around 50%, but no more than 75%. Personally, to play with a winning strategy at keno, I would choose a casino and play with the best payout and keep my bankroll under control . Only in this way can you be sure of being able to lower the advantage of the online gambling house, to keno.

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