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We present free play poker with big pairs like AA, KK, QQ, JJ and
With the best hand, AA, is very important to look for big raise or re-raise if someone raises before. This is a strategic mistake with one AA recovery since losing the opportunity to make more money in the pot with the best hand and are important is that you have to give players more hands on the opportunity to get their hands on the flop.

improve If you force your opponent every time you specify or with one or two high cards, and call your big raise. Aces have to do double the speed of the game is not at a pace that allows little reminders. Because if you win the other players the opportunity to improve on the flop and let the opponents fall issue.
After the flop, you should probably increase is not large person to call all straights, flushes or drawing hands of a small number of chips. However, it is still possible that one of your opponents a better flop and you have to keep in mind that you do not have the best hand. But despite this, they are usually always one step ahead, and if it continues to build the pot when you are sure, are available.

When playing hands like KK, QQ and JJ should raise before the flop. Someone could use some A and lower, but it is very rare for a best hand before the flop when holding one of these hands raised to reduce the number of players who want to see a flop. It is essential that the number of players will face one of these hands, limit, because opponents can make a better hand than you hit an ace on the flop to make bigger pair.

There are two scenarios in which the “flop” Create either turn the cards or not. If no high cards on the flop, should continue to increase. The second scenario, if playing overcards on the table is much more difficult. I recommend lifting a three or four times the big blind, and then consider their options after the opponent reacts to the elevator. Be careful. Call and wait for the time that you do not have the best opportunity to make money on the stage and can not do if the boat yet, you must be willing to let go of his hand.

Always remember. Possibility that your opponent has a better hand than you, if they play aggressively by betting and raising too Playing big pairs can sometimes be difficult, but if you do it only raises failure before and after it is more likely for you to win the pot.
Hope to see you at the poker tables soon!

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